Sunday, November 27, 2011

November’s mumbles

I’m officially OFF housemanship duty on 5th nov 2011
~leaping in joy, my ?1st raya with family after start working since 2009~

Starting life as an MO on my 27yr1d of life hihihi
Then being on tv (so unfair the other MO were not there pakat lari (so effectively doing so I cannot find ‘em ) huhu so I HAVE to be there, loool..)

And now it’s 26th nov already and I’ve here in qber for nearly 3wks

Starting my call as early as my 3rd day of life- delivering a breech baby during my first call was quite an experience hoho..(alhamdulillah both of ‘em- mommy& baby were okei)
Then doing the calls till now- today I’ m already post 7th call of the month.
Another one call left, yeay

And still berulang daily nearly 40km-40km to and from, meredah hujan it’s rainy season plus the road is too bad huhu..yet I’m so takot to stay and sleep over there the quarter is too big and feels so so empty haha. (dunno since when I’m so penakot haha..)

It’s school holiday time
Musim bersunat huhu.. hari2 oncall ade saje budak2 bleeding circumcision datang haha.
I never did circumcision myself but stitching a bleeding circumcision is a bit more scary to ‘em it’s like doing it twice- as one of them said. 1st time already kecut perut, 2nd time ape lagi walaupon only need one single stitch.

Like one adik,
He said, buleh buat karangan pengalaman bersunat paling mengerikan. Sabau jew laa adik2 aku nih. He was right, though. Sunat kat melaka, just unclamp the thing a day before then traveling home for cuti skolah. Then bleeding r pulak on the way. Singgah due tige clinic try compress tp bleeding still oozing until see me and nangis2 suh I compress lagi taknak stitch. Then I confide him – one stich and this will stop, okay.. Like org tue2 said—SERUN WEI.. after giving some local then dushh I just tipu die (tipu sunat dap pe kan haha) time stich tu I xgtau die pom.
Dr, Dr wat apew geli r
I gelak jew..
Dr. jahit ar .
Ape dah siap ke Dr?
I just angguk kepala
After stiching, die siap gelak2 agi sambil kua air mate , he said kalu tau geli xsakit gni xyah nangis xpew.. hahaha very funny

2nd , school holiday meaning my adik beradik is coming home. Wish to be there, too but xdep cuti ler pulak huhu..myb nx weekend or the other nx nx weekend.. wait n see if my cuti dapat ke dop

I think, Qber is not that bad.
It’s full of nice people there

Hoping for the best!
Terus melangkah ye!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

oNesToRy of a trip- the kuantan journey

Pseudo east coast road trip- the kuantan journey
18-20th November 2011

This thing, was actually not so well planned. I’ve just move out to Hospital Hulu Terengganu and there- as a rockie they just reassigned names for the courses of the months, all there- my name happened to popped up at some course to attend in kuantan, lol.

There are few facts
1. only me to go? Huhu.. the 1st thing I did asked was- anybody else? And atthat moment, the answer was really so disappointing
2. I’ve never been there. Or be it clearer this way- no land is within my familiarity . I’ve been nowhere except home, myworkplace and the land in between them haha..soo pathetic.
3. my wish list of the year- includes an east coast road trip is not yet comes to reality. This was originally my intention to see it myself the beauty of terengganu beaches that stretch all along the eastern part of the country

T’was my first thought. Then I just accepted it. Argue and I will get nothing but being angry (which I doonntt like at all) so here I am, indulge myself in what I call- the pseudo east coast road trip (in which in conclusion is a bit different from my so called wish of the year)

Being off duty on 17th, I lazed off with some map readings and hotel booking. Honestly I’m bit hyper. Doing things for the first time, haha.. makes adrenaline rushes faster in my veins. It reminds me back on my ITALIAN JOB 2009 I was hyper nearly one week before starting off to Rome and start venturing with Sarah. The thing is, this is not the same. Feeling so unfamiliar with a land which is w.i.t.h.i.n my home country sweet Malaysia is so funny I cannot handle it haha.. at last it happened that I was talking to Subbha and he offers to teman me there from kemaman onward. Then only I was able to sleep soundly haha..(thanks to him )

Starting off at 8925km, Friday noon.

memulakan perjalanan ini dengan namMu ya Allah
setiap langkahku pintaku diberkati

The traffic was initially clogged with org2 g smayang jumaat. I went for early lunch, went to internet cafĂ©, get some air &jajans this and that then it goes smoother than I thought. The road is very comel and you can actually just go forward, of course la sometimes there’s short run of kwsn pembinaan bla2 but not that bad like those to-fro kt- kberang very2 bad huhu..

you know, the only things that comes to my mind was- OMG, this country is a real treasure I’ve missed it all haha.. I never know the beaches are so enchanting I can’t keep my eyes away, Subhanallah!’s so funny I’ve here in trg for quite a time and there’s only few times – can really count it how many times I’ve time to at least give a glance to these treasures. The most I’ve reached before was the Kelulut Beach. No further.

Then Kerteh. there OMG I thought this country has it all. From nature to resources, it has it all. No wonder Trg people is kaya kaya haha..

Then the Mesra Mall. Heard about it a lot, just never been there. It’was surprisingly quite a small mall (as compared to m.y imagination hahaha)

Then Kijal there I met Subbha and from there onward faiz drive his car in front of us and, honestly
-one thing is I didn’t read much of the SIGNBOARD anymore hihihi.
-second is, from there onward I did drive s.l.o.w.e.r hahahah. (jgn marah ye encik police)
-third is, so ME I cannot sit long and not talking, and talking makes me tell something I don’t want to tell and baha I surrender to him, he’s very good korek2 rahsia orang 5stars utk awk hihihi..

Around 5pm+ we were there. My TBC kisses the welcoming land long before me. Take some roticanai and some drinks, pray and then checked in. Thanks to them, everything settled before sunset. Diorang went off near maghrib time. and me, just lazed and feel bit melancholic (not a bit, actually so so) till dozed off at 12.
Silelah jgn sedih2 kt bumi kuantan neh

Ready for the course early in the morning.
Breakfast is good I just amik nasik lemak lots of selections but I really cannot handle it pagi2. then off to HTAA for the course. Enjoyed short lectures and hand’s on breakout sessions. Packed till finished at nearly 5pm.
Then back to hotel, get some shower and off again. Pusing2 and there’s again- my passion of nature brings me at the end to have long walk over the esplanade and river bank watching the water until magrib prayer time..
Then spent the whole magrib-isya time at the SAS mosque
Back to hotel after prayer and lazed off.
Read subbha’s wall
Ready for CM yeay!


This time I didn’t take breakfast at the hotel really cannot handle it too early in the morning. Cont with course, -short lectures and more hand’s on skills I loved it.

So damn true..
Steve Job died and his millions dollars cannot bring him back to live.
Course ended at 2+pm and I performed prayer then OFF at 3.

Ila waqtin thaniah.. fursotin thaniah.I’ll be there again, insya Allah.
I’m home at 6.20pm at 9385km

Pseudo east coast road trip resolutions
1. bak sini TBC2802 mai kne gi service hohoho.. it’s 9385 already
2. camne nk betul2 east coast road trip neh? Huhu.. kire yang ini sudah ok ke xaci lagi neh?.i think traveling pakai kete sdirik xaci ar huhu..xsame tu.
3. there on the way I see the bukit bauk @ dungun so magnetic nasib I xbrenti ja hehe..
4. there on the way I see the pulau kapas (betui ka?) di bawah kemendungan langit kelulut
5. nk g jln2 ag huhuhu..
6. sila bersemangat ye (credit to subbha)

Credits of this journey goes to:
Those who DID put my name to attend the course (ini thanks dalam bracket ya hahaha)
Subbha/Faiz for making things much easier by their presence

November 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

oNe frEnz oFfEr aDviCe..

when friends offer advice, listen carefully

one of the great things to be learned is listening
listen very silently.
just don't listen indifferently.
dont listen as if you want others to stop talking and you are just listening to be polite because they are your friends.
in that cse, it is better to tell them not to say anything because you are not in the mood of listening.

but when you are listening, really listen- be open, because you r friends may be right. and even they are wrong, listen to them. it will enrich you. you will learn more viewpoints, and it is always good to learn. so listen well, but always decide on your own.

once a person have relative understanding, things become very clear and easy. otherwise people are very absolutist. they think in terms of absolutes; this is truth and whatever against it is wrong.

truth is vast. infinite are it's facet and infinite are the way to know it. whatever we know is limited; it is just one part.

so when a friend offer advice, listen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ya 'Aziz.......... Jika Cinta Adalah KETERTAWANAN Tawanlah Aku Dengan Cinta Kepada-Mu Agar Tidak Ada Lagi Yang Dapat Menawanku Selain Engkau

Ya Rohiim.......... Jika Cinta Adalah PENGORBANAN Tumbuhkan Niat Dari Semua Pengorbananku Semata-mata Tulus Untuk-Mu Agar Aku Ikhlas Menerima Apapun Keputusan-Mu

Ya Robbii.......... Jika Rindu Adalah Rasa Sakit Yang Tidak Menemukan M...uaranya Penuhilah Rasa Sakitku Dengan Rindu Kepada-Mu Dan Jadikan Kematianku Sebagai Muara Pertemuanku Dengan-Mu

Ya Robbii.......... Jika Sayang Adalah Sesuatu Yang Mempesona Ikatlah Aku Dengan Pesona-Mu Agar Damai Senantiasa Kurasakan Saat Terucap Syukurku Atas Nikmat Dari-Mu

Ya Allah.......... Jika Kasih Adalah Kebahagiaan Yang Tiada Bertepi Tumbuhkan Kebahagiaan Dalam Hidupku Di saat Kupersembahkan Sesuatu Untuk-Mu

Ya Allah.......... Hatiku Hanya Cukup Untuk Satu Cinta Jika Aku Tak Dapat Mengisinya Dengan Cinta Kepada-Mu Kemanakah Wajahku Hendak Kusembunyikan Dari-Mu

Ya Ar-Rahmaan......... Dunia Yg Engkau Bentangkan Begitu Luas Bagai Belantara Yg Tak Dapat Kutembus Di Malam Yang Gelap Gulita Agar Tidak Tersesat Dalam Menapakinya

Ya Ar-Rahiim……. Berikan Alas Kaki Buat Hamba Agar Jalan Yg Kutapaki Terasa Nikmat Meski Penuh Dengan Bebatuan Runcing & Duri Yang Tajam
Hamba Sedar Semua Ini Milikmu Dan Suatu Saat Jika Kau Kehendaki Semuanya Akan Kembali Jua Kepada-Mu
Hamba pasrahkan kehidupan hamba kepada-Mu.

(Lutfi S Fauzan)

Monday, October 3, 2011

oNesToRy in cappadocia

cappadocia beauties that mesmerized me
t'was 2009 in the peak of summer heat.
these enchanting nature stands in glimmers

::turkiye 2009 memories::

~desperate for another trip, where to, next yeah ?~

oNesToRy of iRoNy :: seek and you will miss ::



Now, this is one of the most significant statements ever made. In the every seekin you have missed.

If you seek, you have taken a wrong standpoint. In the very seeking you have accepted one thing- that you don’t have that which you seek. That is where the fault lies. You have it; you already have it. The moment you start searching for somethingm you will become neurotic, because you cannot find it- there is nowhere to look, because it is already there.

It is like a man who is searching for his glasses,. His glasses are already on his eyes, on his nose and he is looking through those glasses ad searching! Now he will never find them, unless he remembers that all search is futile, unless he remembers, ‘If I can see, then my glasses must be already there in front of my eyes, otherwise how could I see?’

In our very seeing, the truth is hidden. In our very search, the treasure is hidden. The seeker is the sought- that is the problem, the only problem that human beings have been trying to solve and about which they have been growing more and more puzzled.

The snest attitude is that of Lao Tzu. He says,
Just be, and you will be surprised; You will find it!


what say you? are you lao- tzu ian? haha

Sunday, October 2, 2011

::kisah lelaki sempurna::


nama seorang jejaka yang sarat cintanya, dalam ilmunya.

Tuah saya, tercampak ke bumi Urdun selama 7tahun menjejak ilmu medic di sana, memberikan saya peluang untuk sesekali menjejak kaki ke maqam2 para sahabat di sana.

maqam muadz bin jabal..
antara yang masih tegar terpahat di hati saya.
dia lelaki yang menjatuhkan airmata saya saat ammu penjaga maqam menceritakan sedikit sebanyak mengenai sirahnya.

Nama panjangnya adalah Muadz bin Jabal bin Amr bin Aus al-Khazraji, sedangkan nama julukannya adalah “Abu Abdurahman”. Ia dilahirkan di Madinah dan memeluk Islam pada usia 18 tahun. Fisiknya gagah, berkulit putih, berbadan tinggi, berambut pendek dan ikal, dan bergigi putih mengkilat
Dia meninggal saat usianya belum 33 tahun, pada tahun 18H di tanah urdun saat dilanda taun Amwas. DIA pergi saat “prime-age’ tetapi sirahnya penuh makna

DIA. Lelaki yang dalam ilmunya
Setelah Rasulullah saw. tiba di Madinah sebagai Muhajirin, pemuda Mu'adz selalu mendampingi beliau tak ubahnya bagaikan bayang-bayang dengan orangnya. Mu'adz belajar mengaji Al-Qur'an dan Ilmu Syari'at Islam kepada beliau. Mu'adz cepat menjadi sahabat yang terpandai membaca kitab Allah dan paling 'alim mengenai syari'at Islam. Tidak mengherankan kalau Mu'adz bin Jabal berhasil menjadi orang pandai. Sejak kecil dia dididik di Madrasah Rasulullah saw., dan menamatkan pelajarannya di tangan beliau sendiri. Dia meneguk ilmu dari sumber yang mulia itu sejak bermula. Dia berhasil menguasai Ilmu Ma'rifat sesuai dengan ma'nanya yang baik dari guru yang paling baik. Diploma Mu'adz cukuplah kiranya pengakuan Rasulullah saw. bagi Mu'adz dengan sabda beliau, "Umatku yang paling 'alim tentang halal dan haram ialah Mu'adz bin Jabal."

Yazid bin Quthaib pernah bercerita, "Pada suatu ketika aku masuk ke masjid Himsh. Di sana kulihat seorang pemuda berambut keriting duduk dikelilingi orang banyak. Kalau dia berbicara seolah-olah cahaya dan permata yang keluar dari mulutnya. Aku bertanya, "siapa pemuda itu?"
"Muadz bin Jabal," jawab mereka.

Abu Muslim. Abu Muslim al Kaulany pernah pula meriwayatkan, "Aku masuk ke masjid Dimsyiq. Halaqah (majlis ta'lim) dalam masjid penuh dengan para sahabat senior. Seorang pemuda bermata hitam dan gigi putih berkilat duduk di tengah-tengahmereka. Setiap mereka berselisih pendapat tentang suatu masalah, mereka tanyakan kepada pemuda itu. Aku bertanya kepada orang di dekatku, "siapa pemuda itu?" "Mu'adz bin Jabal!" katanya.

DIA .Lelaki sarat cinta; mencintai dan dicintai Rasulullah
DIA lelaki assabiqul awwalun. Mu'adz bin Jabal masuk Islam di hadapan seorang da'i dari Makkah, Mush'ab bin 'Umair. Pada malam 'Aqabah, Mu'adz mengulurka tangannya yang kecil kepada Rasulullah untuk dibai'at. Mu'adz dibai'at bersama-sama dengan suatu rombongan berjumlah tujuh puluh dua orang

DIA lelaki dicintai yang mendapat pengakuan cinta Rasulullah. Pada suatu hari Rasulullah SAW, bersabda: “Hai Mu’adz! Demi Allah saya sungguh sayang kepadamu. Maka jangan lupa setiap habis shalat mengucapkan: Ya Allah, bantulah daku untuk selalu ingat dan syukur serta beribadat dengan ikhlas kepada-Mu.

Saat perginya, Mu’adz pun mengucapkan perkataan yang menyingkapkan dirinya sebagai seorang Mu’min besar. Sambil matanya menatap ke arah langit, Mu’adz munajat kepada Allah yang Maha Prngasih, katanya:
“Ya Allah, sesungguhnya selama ini aku takut kepada-Mu, tetapi hari ini aku mengharapkan-Mu.
Ya Allah, Engkau mengetahui bahwa aku tidaklah mencintai dunia demi untuk mengalirkan air sungai atau menanam kayu-kayuan. tetapi hanyalah untuk menutup haus dikala panas, dan menghadapi saat-saat yang gawat, serta untuk menambah ilmu pengetahuan, keimanan dan ketaatan”
Lalu diulurkanlah tangannya seolah-olah hendak bersalaman dengan maut, dan dalam keberangkatannya ke alam ghaib masih sempat ia mengatakan:
“Selamat datang wahai maut. Kekasih tiba di saat diperlukan.”
Dan nyawa Mu’adz pun melayanglah menghadap Allah.

Dan saya, hingga kini masih terasa panasnya airmata saat pertama kali berdiri dihadapan maqam DIA.

Ya Allah, sempurnanya kehidupan seorang lelaki sepertinya Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, sempurnakan kehidupanku persis Engkau menyempurnakan kehidupan lelaki ini dengan sarat cintanya, dalam ilmunya Ya Allah.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

everything starts with a single step

writing is always my favourite, at times, i do it for different reason but most of it- writing while thinking- and there i realise that i've missed so much not to give a minute to sit and just think about it

blogging is one of the way, i supposed. previously i did, but then - being what so-called IT blinder hahaha- i don'tlive much on lap top s and internet and not even using i phone then this blogging thing fades away

by time, i realise that there's a lot of precious things and precious moments that i wish i can remember forever.. and that was what i learned everyday . there's too much of it and it do makes me smiles again during my doom time remembering those precious moments

this life has inspired me to live to the fullest

O Allah; let this be a good start.

these, will be moments of my life where hopefully by looking back of what have happened and thinking back - i grew wiser and wiser


ahlan wasahlan & welcome

oNesToRy is inspired by those around me, silently yet loudly teaches me a lot of thing from small simple daily life events

this blog, is dedicated to them

thanks for those precious life lesson

and thanks for making me realise more and more by day that this life is more than precious ever