Saturday, October 22, 2011

oNe frEnz oFfEr aDviCe..

when friends offer advice, listen carefully

one of the great things to be learned is listening
listen very silently.
just don't listen indifferently.
dont listen as if you want others to stop talking and you are just listening to be polite because they are your friends.
in that cse, it is better to tell them not to say anything because you are not in the mood of listening.

but when you are listening, really listen- be open, because you r friends may be right. and even they are wrong, listen to them. it will enrich you. you will learn more viewpoints, and it is always good to learn. so listen well, but always decide on your own.

once a person have relative understanding, things become very clear and easy. otherwise people are very absolutist. they think in terms of absolutes; this is truth and whatever against it is wrong.

truth is vast. infinite are it's facet and infinite are the way to know it. whatever we know is limited; it is just one part.

so when a friend offer advice, listen.

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