Wednesday, April 25, 2012

april's wind

April's wind It's april 2012 already Time passed very fast, I suppose. Here I am, almost half year not updating this well- missed blog haha.. Seyes. And lot's of thing went out of record hihihi So far It's my 5th month out here in qber, doing routine morning rounds,ED stay and the calls.. Not to bad, though. And I started to stay in there in qber, moving in together wif a fren, yet stiiLl frequently balik km-bai hihihi And I started to go back home more frequent, twice a month, maybe? And I started to dream of travelling, again..maybe what kak na's said just dream of it-PARIS 2013 ~mesti berani utk bermimpi yeah. And my baby tbc is now reaching 20779km whoaaa.. THhereks a neww small mole appearing on my right foot. So true :) And my baby bear, is following me everywhere I go And my sony ericson is well replaced by a bb :) which I just activate today and so well kepit wif it till this moment hahah.. Thanks to him for recommendinbgn I'm totally in love wif this thing :) And I'm totally in love with him, too. Big confession, I know. But I really do And i think that's what makes me totally a diferent person than who am in before. I manage to wake up wif a smile on my face everyday And back to sleep, wif a smile, again.. Now I know life is beautiful, -sn't it? Let me feel this wind O ALlah, thanks.