Thursday, September 29, 2011

everything starts with a single step

writing is always my favourite, at times, i do it for different reason but most of it- writing while thinking- and there i realise that i've missed so much not to give a minute to sit and just think about it

blogging is one of the way, i supposed. previously i did, but then - being what so-called IT blinder hahaha- i don'tlive much on lap top s and internet and not even using i phone then this blogging thing fades away

by time, i realise that there's a lot of precious things and precious moments that i wish i can remember forever.. and that was what i learned everyday . there's too much of it and it do makes me smiles again during my doom time remembering those precious moments

this life has inspired me to live to the fullest

O Allah; let this be a good start.

these, will be moments of my life where hopefully by looking back of what have happened and thinking back - i grew wiser and wiser

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